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Therapeutic Massage

Whether suffering from injury, travel fatigue, work-induced stress, specific aches and pains or seeking new ways to unwind, our massage therapists will draw upon their extensive bodywork repertoire to provide relaxation and relief with their artful work in massage therapy.

Stress Reduction Massage

A light to medium pressure massage, using primarily Swedish techniques, will provide you with deep relaxation, increased circulation and flexibility. Inhalations of soft aromas encourage the body to let go and unwind in blissful peace and an inner sense of wellbeing. We highly recommend this massage for anyone seeking the health benefits associated with relaxation.

Thai Table Massage

This wonderfully relaxing massage modality increases flexibility, treats energy blocks and increases blood flow in the body promoting overall health. Traditionally performed on a floor mat with the client fully dressed, Blue Water Massage will create a table routine specific to your PT’s recommendations using yoga like movements on the client.

Thai Table Massage is a wonderful massage for all health concerns and injuries, promoting a deep relaxation physically, mentally, and emotionally (spiritually) as well as helping to lengthen muscles and gently strengthen joints.

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Massage

A strong pressure, therapeutic massage effectively targets deeper layers of tissue for relief of deep-seated muscle pain and tension. Traditional Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy are most effective for scar tissue, older/past injuries, athletic injuries, tears and stress in muscle fibers as well as ligament/tendon strains. This treatment is a slow ‘paced 50 min. massage and is area specific; longer time needed for full body treatment.

Extended Time

Longer session times are highly suggested if the client has not been receiving regular massage. By extending your massage time, you are giving the massage therapist ample time to find your “spots” and gently massage the pain and stress away.