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I was post second spinal fusion LS-S1 and I was unable to lead a normal life. I couldn’t exercise or sit for any extended period of time at work. All facets of my life were affected. I had been to three different physical therapists over three years with no positive results. My ultimate dream was to surf again with my son. l am happy to say that I am currently back in the water and surfing. Erin’s focus, knowledge and one-on-one style of physical therapy brought me back to an active lifestyle.

Michael Howard
Cardiff, CA

Two years ago I was diagnosed with severe tendonitis, bursitis and frozen shoulder.  I have been in treatment at Blue Water Physical Therapy and have made more progress over the past three months than I have in two years at another physical therapy clinic.  Blue Water Physical Therapy is a great place for treatment.

Joey Powers
Encinitas, CA

I am so happy to have found Blue Water Physical Therapy.  After years of pain following an accident and failed back surgery I had just about given up on PT.  I have been through a lot of physical therapy over the past few years and all of the other facilities just prescribed the same useless exercises over and over again, UGH! Blue Water Physical Therapy has a completely unique approach.  They actually listen to me!  Imagine that!  They have tailored a therapy specifically for me and I’m finally making progress.

Annie S.
Carlsbad, CA

Erin is the fourth physical therapist to try and solve my chronic left leg adductor pain. The other physical therapists addressed the issue with active release however; I had only temporary relief from pain. Erin addressed my left lower extremity and foot mechanics and now I am finally pain free.

Lisanne E.
Leucadia, CA

I had been searching for a physical therapist that would work one-on one with me as my rehabilitation required detailed attention. Erin is a positive and uplifting person. She motivated me to regularly perform my rehab exercises resulting in decreased pain, increased strength and MORE ENERGY!

Anne-Marie Desroches
Scripps Ranch, CA

My name is Liz, 29 y/o working in the field of fitness and wellness.  On May 2, 2014 I was in a serious head on collision.  My neck, back and entire body was sore all the time. I had constant pain that interfered with all aspects of my life.  I was frustrated by the care offered by other professionals in the area and was ready to give up until I found Blue Water Physical Therapy.  I am happy to say that I have almost made a complete recovery.  I highly recommend Blue Water Physical Therapy.

Liz Lieberman
Cardiff, CA

I highly recommend this practice!  I was referred to Erin by my sports medicine doctor, Alexandra Bunyak /Boundless MD.  The surroundings are comfortable.  Erin is empathetic and on top of her game!  What a find!

Mary W.
Del Mar, CA

It is not an exaggeration to say these guys have improved my life significantly.  The treatment is challenging but fantastic.  Expect to do work and get results. The “hands on” with Erin is great and has done wonders for my damaged and aging neck.  What sets this place apart though, is the atmosphere and attitude.  You are always greeted with a sincere smile, positive encouragement and sometimes the added benefit of a friendly ear about issues outside of your therapy.  The fact that they take Tricare referrals is also great.  They have my highest recommendation.

Gerald M.
Cardiff, CA

I am so grateful for what Erin has given me. I have tried a number of physical therapists before meeting Erin but none with the patience, knowledge and determination she has shared with me. After years of back pain and eight surgeries on my leg from a car accident, I had about given up on getting better. Erin laid out a plan and made me stick to it. It worked! I’m mobile and feeling great. Many thanks to Erin and Blue Water Physical Therapy!

Michael Moot
Cardiff , CA

If I had not joined Blue Water Physical Therapy for treatment, I think I would have regressed in my overall ability to stay active. I have returned to BWPT periodically for five years.I am pleased to have BWPT as a resource to stay healthy and active.

Alan Glasser
Del Mar, CA

For the first time in in two years I am sleeping and waking up without pain. Erin has shown me how to exercise properly for my bulging disc. I have more energy and feel so much better.

Donna Henson
San Marcos, CA

For several years, I experienced pain in the left side of my neck radiating down deeply under my shoulder blade. This pain became so intense that I sought treatment from an orthopedic medical practice. After diagnostic testing I was sent for a short course of physical therapy, which was offered at the same practice. Some relief followed but was short lived. Spinal injections were then recommended to “possibly” relieve my pain. Rather than following this treatment plan I sought a non-surgical solution. I was referred to Erin Malecha at BWPT for evaluation and treatment. Erin designed an exercise program and treatment plan for me, which addressed posture, strength, and balance and ultimately provided me with relief from my pain. I was given specific exercises to continue at home and following her direction I am now able to avoid neck pain and take action if it reoccurs. Erin is a highly skilled physical therapist that treats the whole person in a caring, supportive way.

Diana Dean-Nau
San Marcos, CA

Erin Malecha is a wonderful and gifted Physical Therapist. I started going to her over 1 year ago. I was afraid of what might happen and in a lot of pain. She reassured me and through her treatments and exercise recommendations, I was quickly no longer in pain and on my way to recovery. She is a God-Send!

Claire Luconi
Solana Beach CA